Tperson is a full stack data agency

What does a data agency do?

A data agency, like Tperson, provides data-related services to companies. We can help with any (or all!) areas of the data lifecycle in your organization, from analytics platform design and implementation, data integration and processing, to reporting, insights, data science, and more.

Our goal at Tperson is to help provide your company with data that's organized, accessible, insightful, and useful to every function and department.

tperson full stack data agency providing

A data agency turns your data into a valuable, useful resource

Many businesses have lots of data. So much in fact, that they're often drowning in it, and don't know what to do with it.
As a data agency, we're able to:

  • Identify patterns, trends, and customer or user preferences in a sea of data sets

  • Clean and process raw data into actionable insights that are valuable to your business

  • Help you manage your data so that it creates value rather than being a drain on your resources

Full stack means that Tperson is a data agency that does everything

tperson full stack data agency providing

A full stack data agency is able to provide services that cover all areas of data within your company, including:

Traditionally, each of the above is a distinct field of expertise, with its own team.

But separate teams often ends in disorganized, unreliable data, with each team working independently without full cooperation and communication, resulting in less business impact.

A full-stack data agency like Tperson knocks down the silos and creates an integrated data flow, from set up to reporting, insights, data science, and AI -
all serving the business's needs. 

Why (and when) should I work with a data agency (and not in-house)?

We've completed hundreds of successful projects, so our clients benefit from best practices and lessons learned and avoid costly mistakes and wasted time and effort. 

Not every company is experienced in all the relevant data fields, so partnering with a data agency can provide you with all the expertise you need, when you need it.

For data to provide real impact and value, your data team must be highly skilled and competent in their area, with deep understanding of the entire data lifestyle.  

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Moreover, every vertical is different— some, like online services, focus on scale, whereas others, like finance, are limited by regulation. So not every data expert will be a good fit for your specific needs. 

Full stack data agencies, like Tperson, recruit data wizards and provide them with the support and training they need.

Tperson has carefully curated a talented team with complementing and varied expertise and skills, so we can work together to deliver value for your company.

Data agencies are a great fit for small companies and startups

If you're an early stage company or startup, it's important to build a decision-making process that relies on good data from the start. That's where were come in. 

Whether you need a temporary, adhoc data team, or someone to fill the role of "VP Data", Tperson can help you with all your data needs. 

How can a data agency, like Tperson, help my business?

A full stack data agency can provide services to support your entire data lifecycle, or can work on a more modular level, coming in to offer services and solutions in specific area. 

Define data strategy

Analyze your business and data challenges to define a data strategy and work plan. We can also recommend the best technologies to handle your company’s evolving data challenges. 

tperson consulting and strategy bi busin
tperson consulting and strategy bi busin

BI and data engineering

Build infrastructure including an analytics platform, data pipelines, reports, and big data analysis, or optimize existing platforms to support decision-making across the entire organization. This includes building your data lake (raw data storage) and data warehouse (repository for processed data and business logic) and visualizing insights to make them accessible to your team. 

Actionable insights

Define KPIs and funnels through ongoing monitoring and analysis of your company’s business performance. Learn from changes with extensive experimentation and A/B testing.

Data science

Harness the power of advanced machine learning, statistical models, and predictive analytics to solve business problems such as improving targeting and conversion, reducing churn, and more.
Data science can also personalize the customer experience at the right time, optimizing the chances of meeting business goals.

Business application development

Smart business applications can simplify your day-to-day tasks, improve efficiency, and reduce mistakes by automating manual processes and solving a variety of challenges, from definition through to development. 

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tperson data engineering and bi business
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tperson actionable insights predictive a
tperson data science predictive analytic
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tperson business applications mobile web

Whatever your data needs, we've got you covered.