BI and data engineering

tperson data engineering and bi business
tperson data engineering and bi business

We design, build and implement your BI platform according to your needs, whether it's from the ground up, all the way from infrastructure through to data pipelines, reports, and big data analysis, or optimizing your existing platform so it supports decision-making across the entire organization.

  • End-to-end implementation
    Establishing a full, tailor-made BI solution, working with tools like Tableau, Sisense, Looker, Vertica, BigQuery, and Redshift

  • Big data
    Analysis of large and varied data sets to identify hidden patterns, trends, and customer preferences.

  • Data lake
    Create your central raw level data repository

  • Data warehouse
    Build your central processed data repository, which holds your business logic

  • Dashboards and reports
    Visualize your business insights and make them accessible to business users


Actionable insights

We measure your business activity and analyze your data into actionable steps. We also define your KPIs and funnels, running A/B tests and drawing conclusions, so you can take the right actions.

  • Actionable steps
    Measure and analyze your data into actionable steps

  • Performance measuring
    Ongoing monitoring and analysis of your company’s business performance

  • Deep data analysis
    Exploratory and explanatory analysis to investigate complex business issues and provide recommendations

  • Adhoc business questions
    Provide insights to business questions as they arise

  • A/B testing
    Extensive testing and experimentation to measure and learn from important changes

tperson actionable insights predictive a
tperson actionable insights predictive a
tperson data science ideas predictive an
tperson data science predictive analytic

Data science

Use the power of advanced machine learning, statistical models, and predictive analytics.

  • Solve complex problems
    Solve business problems, improve targeting and conversion, reduce
    churn, etc. 

  • Predict future behavior
    Predict factors like customer value and churn probability, so you can improve marketing and product performance, to make better business decisions

  • Personalization
    Give the right experience to the right customer at the right time, to optimize the chances of meeting your goals


Business applications

Our talented software team builds powerful business applications to solve a variety of challenges, from definition through to development. 

  • Mobile and desktop
    We build applications for any device web or mobile.

  • Automation
    Simplify your day-to-day tasks, improve efficiency, and reduce mistakes by automating manual processes

  • Out-of-the-box solutions 
    Use existing solutions that we've already built!

tperson business applications saas actio
tperson business applications mobile web

Consulting & strategy

tperson consulting and strategy bi busin
tperson consulting and strategy bi busin

We work together with you to get a deep understanding of your products and solutions, to determine your real data potential and create a tailored data strategy and plan.​

  • Data roadmap
    Analyze your company business, data challenges, and define a strategy and work plan

  • Technologies
    Recommend the suitable technologies to handle company’s evolving data challenges

  • Team building
    Define team structure, job requirements and recruit
    the right people